We believe, as a business owner you can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of selling online. With a well developed and beautiful eCommerce store you can open the door of opportunities.

Australian eCommerce adoption rate is expected to top 200% within the next few years

Your business is open 24/7, 365 days a year. No longer are there any geographical limitations that restrict your customer base, which means you can sell to any country in the world, any time zone and in any language. With the capabilities of Magento eCommerce platform, you can integrate and automate nearly every aspect of your business from ERP systems to Fulfilment.


Integration is a huge advantage in e-commerce. By integrating your online store with the systems that your business uses, you can spend your time concentrating on growth and marketing of your business and increase sales.

With todays progress in the technology and the web, we can integrate your online store with just about any system, starting from accounting, warehouse and fulfilment.

At Plan B Commerce we strongly believe that integrating eCommerce platform to your business systems is critical for high performing and efficient online store.


What is eCommerce without Conversion. Conversion is a key factor to measure the success of your online business. Magento eCommerce platform comes feature packed with tools to turn those visitors to a paying customer’s.

We will build your site and optimise it with the conversion in mind from ground up. Apply all the critical techniques and optimise user interface and user experience, navigation, calls-to-actions and checkout process for maximum conversion.

Introduce and integrate a powerful Google Analytics tool to live track your online performance and convert those page visits into sales.


As consumers are increasingly connected through a wide array of Internet-connected devices, the traditional commerce experience is becoming obsolete. Today’s customers are price savvy and research before purchase multiple channels such as physical stores, magazines, social media, mobile sites and online stores.

To strive in this competitive market, at Plan B Commerce, we help the businesses to establish strong presence on all channels and provide seamless shopping experience.

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